Thanksgiving Week | Coffee Talk

Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's finally Thanksgiving week. I apolgize for my abscense lately.  This season of life has gotten so busy and it seems  as though time as slipped right by. If we were having coffee I would share....

*J is working so much right now and I am having to do a lot more myself than normal. He works crazy hours and I am by myself most nights until 3am. He will be out of the Emergency Room December 12 and will start a normal Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 job. I am so thankful this closer and closer. He is only off a handful of days now so we try to take advantage of them and spend time together as a family. 

* Charlee's 1st birthday party planning is in full swing. I just go her invites back from the printer yesterday and I am in total love with how they turned out.   So much personally in such a tiny baby.

* The day after Charlee's 1st birthday she is getting baptized so those came back yesterday too. I am crushing over all the rose gold, pale pink, and white!!! OMG! 

* I put up our Christmas tree Friday night after Charlee went to bed. It is so pretty. This year we splurged and got a new Martha Stewart tree from Home Depot. It is 9 feet of glitter, fake snow, and pine cones. So pretty! 

* Making my Christmas list was so much harder this year than the previous years. I am having a hard time seperating things for me and everything for Char. I did ask for a bar necklace with her name on it. So pretty! 

* I am on the lookout for some new Pinterest meals. I am trying to make one new meal a week. We are getting to were we eat the same thing over and over. If I left it up to J we would eat Mississippi Mud Roast everyday. I love it just not that much. 

* Wednesday I am cooking two desserts and about six sides for everyone to come over and have Thanksgiving at our house. J has to work all day Thanksgiving so we are celebrating on Wednesday night.

What has been up with you guys??

Life Lately | Hallows Eve

Monday, October 30, 2017

Ahhhhh! It's officially Hallows Eve. Ya'll Halloween is my jam. Things have been a little crazy over here. Here are a few things that are going on over here....

~ Charlee had tubes put in Friday and since then she hasn't slept well. Her appetite  has increased a lotttt but her sleeping has decreased a lot. She is fighting going to sleep and waking up earlier. I have no idea if it is the 8-10 month sleep regression or the trauma of having surgery and waking up in pain with out momma or daddy there. Either way this girl better be glad that she is cute. 

~ I am knee deep in planning Charlee's Birthday and Church Dedication. Charlee's birthday will be on a saturday and her church dedication will be the next day. So lets just say lots of cake and lots of celebrating. 

~ I have another rent the runway ball gown coming next weekend and I am so excited to get all glammed up. This ball will be a girls night.. we are all leaving the husbands at home to party it up mom style. 

~ We have decided since J has to work on Thanksgiving day to host Thanksgiving eve at our house. I am so excited to host Thanksgiving two years in a row. I love hosting parties and having people over. 

~ I have a Matilda Jane show opening Friday night and I am so excited!!! I love helping people shop and purchase these adorable clothes. 

Whats going on with y'all?

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