Our Favorite Bows

Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Monday! Where did this weekend go? Seriously it was just Monday....
Since the weekend is over and it is time to actually dress Charlee in clothes instead of pajamas I wanted to share some of our favorite bow companies. We have a serious bow addiction over here. We get two monthly subscriptions and also purchase from a few etsy shops here and there. I am trying to get both nylon headbands and clips so we can wear both then I will eventually change them all to clips. 

Monthly Subscriptions

Every month we get a pretty purple package from Purple Rose Bows. They have three fantastic bows that usually go with whatever holiday is coming up. This month they threw in some pineapples and good bold summer colors. I love this since summer is almost over we can throw together some nice last minute summer outfits.  Purple Rose Bows has graciously offered my readers a coupon code. Enter SOUTHERNCHARM25 for 25% off your first month of bows.

Every month we also get another package from Little Poppy Co. They are another great subscription. We get three bows sent right to our door that we can wear all year long. They usually throw in some festive bows to match whatever holiday is right around the corner. Make sure if you sign up to follow the link above for my referral link. 

Etsy Shops

Shelby Chic Boutique is a favorite of mine. You guys know that I am all about the sparkle and her bows..... Guys they are to die for. They range from neutral to bold colors and man oh man they sparkle. I am hoping to get my hands on one of everything! Plus she has top knots in her shop and well I may have to start getting one a week. J shouldn't notice just one right?

I love sparkles but my second fav will forever be bold bright colors. Man do I not love some highlighter pink and orange... These fabric bows from lil ama are to die for. They are so adorable and this is anther shop that I would buy out. Her watermelon and strawberry bows would be great for summer parties. 

The last bow shop that I gush over is Elii Nik. These bows are absolutely adorable. The felt flowers are to die for. I love the sweet color combos and can believe that I don't have one of everything. 

What are your favorite bow shops or subscriptions? 

charlee margaret | halfway to one

Monday, July 24, 2017

Man have any of you seen the weekend??? It seems like it just flew by...
We got some pictures of our sweet girl last weekend to celebrate her 6 month halfway to one birthday. Here are a few....

Ya'll I could die... She is so adorable.

charlee margaret | six months

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Charlee margaret | 6 months

Welp.  That was the fastest 182 days of my life.
  It literally feels like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Here we are an entire half of a year gone by.  We are smack dab in the middle of her first summer. We are so close to her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then her First Birthday. 
Time you are the biggest thief ever!
Oh Charlee girl you are the sweetest, silliest, happiest, baby girl that I have ever been around. She is content playing by herself but loves when she catches you looking at her. She give you the biggest gummiest smile that you have ever seen. 

Charlee at SIX months
Weight: 12 pounds 7 ounce
Birth: 7 lbs 7 oz
Height: 24.5 in 
Birth: 19. in

Taking Charlee to the doctor each time that turned into quite the family outing. We love being able to talk to this girls doctor and realizing that she is quite ahead of herself in the smarts department. She is entirely to big for her britches and I wish she would slow down some. 
She has gained one pound since her four months check up which is moving in the right direction. She is still small and petite but what can we do about it. 

Dr. McNally gave her the once over and listened to her lungs, checked her ears, and stuck the stick down her throat- almost all clear!  We went in a couple days before because she was pulling at her ears a little and she did still have some fluid, but no infection.  So, we are glad that we are moving in the right direction.
She was impressed with her sitting ability, attentive demeanor and how calm she was while she checked her out.
We talked about beginning solids and Dr. M was on board with BLW and I am so excited to start.  This girl is ready and her mama is, too! She is eating purees but she is so interested in normal people food. 
I do plan to share my learning experiences along the way with this- so stay tuned!

  • Sitting.  She's almost perfected the seated position and will sit unassisted pretty well for several minutes while she plays.  Still a work in process, but she's got a really strong core, so it won't be long before she's able to do it all the time on her own.
  • Mickey is her homeboy.  She shouts, screeches, yells, giggles, stomps her feet, and makes the funniest outbursts at the television when he is on.  It really is so funny and so strange how quick these babes pick up on the glories of Mickey Mouse.
  • Speaking of giggles: she laughs all the time on a regular basis. She thinks people are so funny and is intrigued by the things people do. 
  • Loves to play.  She prefers to play either in her exersaucer or on the floor.  She LOVES tummy time!  She rolls all over the place to get to where she needs to go and plays with anything in arms reach. 
  • Recognition.  She definitely recognizes faces now.  She started this a little last month- but this month she knows and recognizes her people: Daddy, Momma, Bebe, PapPap, Ninnie, and PawPaw
  • She really loves her mama.  She likes her daddy pretty well, but when I walk in two her eye's line of view she gets so excited. Her gummy grin makes me laugh.
  • Reaching.  She's started reaching out to be held.  It is the sweetest.
  • Airplane.  She's not crawling yet but she will lift her whole chest, arms and head/neck off the floor and kick and scoot her legs like she wants to go somewhere. 
  •  She is still a social little girl and wants to be in the mix of everything all the time- so when we leave her sight of view she is noticeably upset, depending on what she's doing or her mood. 
  • Teething.  Still working on her two bottom teeth.  She is busting them both at the same time- and sweet girl is working them with her mouth, tongue, lips, and anything she can get her hands on to stick in her mouth.  You can see those teeth just barely under the gums.  Wont be long!  
  • She still totally digs the ergo.  I wear her any time we go out and she will snuggle in and snooze. 
  • She a big fan of her fingers and feet- if she can see her toes they are going in her mouth!
  • Bath time is her FAVORITE.  If she is fussy- which happens often in the evenings close to bed time, I stick her in the bathtub and her entire attitude changes.  She loves it!  I think once she's sitting up in the bathtub she will love it even more.
  • Diaper changes have become nearly impossible.. the moment you lay her over on her back she is hard pressed to flip herself over to her tummy.  
  • Baker is still in size 1 diapers- I just bought some size two diapers .Wearing some 0-3 months clothing still.. but growing into and fitting better in 3-6 months and 6 month Carter's clothes.

E A T 
3-4 hours is still the norm between feedings, eating 5 to 6 times every day.  We have been sort of all over the place because her wake times have not been very consistent- but here's the typical: 5-6am every morning when she wakes and then 9am, 1-2pm, 5pm, 8pm before going down for the night.  MOST of the time we hit this schedule pretty well- and for the most part I like the stick to it pretty strictly during the work days away .  So it keeps her on a good schedule and me, too!  I do want to mention that she rarely spits up these days which is such a relief.  I do think she really had a problem with reflux.   We started zantac twice a day two months go and we have seen a huge difference in her eating habits.
We will start solids this week- so I'm sure her eating schedule will tweak a bit then! I am reallllly excited about this!

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T

The biggest change in this area is her consistency and improvement in last month's skills.  She can pick up her toys or objects and flips them over and back to see what it looks like from all sides.  Her balance has improved and she can sit for longer periods of time. Charlee definitely prefers being on her belly and has learned to maneuver herself from a wobbly sitting position to her tummy.  She can't stand to be in one place and being on her stomach allows her to barrel roll all over the place.  She is extremely curious and is constantly finding objects to play with. I purchased some new toys that will help her want to sit up and play with them. So far they are working and she is building core strength. Such a big girl....

We are still under mass confusion in this department.  Some nights she gives me every bit of 14 hours and other nights she's awake every two hours.  I have realized that I've created a monster of a bad habit in feeding or rocking her to sleep and not allowing her to self soothe.  For some reason this came to light when the nurse asked me if she self soothes to sleep..
um, no?
There is a combination of several things I think that wakes her at night.  She has been congested for what seems like forever.  She had a little bit of a cold..which has turned into this terrible cough..and then she started teething..coupled with this runny nose.    We have tried lots of things to get through the night with a decent nights sleep.  Bedtime is about 7:30pm.  Typically she will sleep until about  5am-6am and wake to eat .  This is a good night!   Lately she's been napping two solid naps during the day (depending on when she woke it is typically about 9:30-10am and around 1pm) and one cat nap late in the afternoon of 45 minutes around 4:30pm every day.
Most of the time we nap really great for 2 solid hours and then sometimes its just one hour.  Or even 30 minutes.  AND THEN occasionally I am fighting her for an hour just trying to get her to go to sleep for longer than 10 minutes.
The sleep struggles are real.
..and confusing.


Ten Things About Me

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ten Things About Me. 

{one}  I'm a huge introvert. Don't get me wrong, I adore my friends and love going out for a drink or a birthday party every now and then. But if I had to choose, my happy place is home. Small talk is exhausting!

{two} I am not a morning person at all. I wake up now well because someone is giggling over the monitor and well I can't miss that. But in general I am about a 9am type of girl. 

{three} I am totally addicted to reality tv shows on Bravo. I love knowing that in real life I totally have my shit together. Am I a perfect person no but I am way better off in my life than the people who still go out and party every night!

{four} I have recently gotten into podcast and I love listening to funny parenting podcast. I love that people go through the same struggles and issues that I do. Kids are hard! People are so hard on you and expect you to be the perfect mom all the time. In reality that is never the case so it is nice to know that other moms hear the same expectations. 

{five} I am addicted to Target. We practically get everything that we own at Target. Usually you can find me there at least once a week grabbing daily things that we need. Baby food, clothes, general items, everything!!

{six} I am a legal assistant during the day. I work in the public sector meaning that I work for the District Attorney's Office. I enjoy being able to help people so this is a great job. The plan was always for me to go to law school which may happen but I want to wait until I pay off all my student loans in eight years.

{seven} I love to cook. When we moved into our house the one thing on my list was a double oven. We first found our house on the parade of homes the summer of last year. It was even a option for me since it didn't have the ovens. But we talked to the builder of the house and he told us he would change it out to be a double oven. We (and by we I mean me) were so excited that he would do that and finally we had the dream home. I love being able to cook and entertain in our open floor plan.

{eight} Pasta is my comfort food. I love carbs and Alfredo is seriously the way to my heart. They way that you feel after eating your favorite food is the best. You are so happy and it seems like nothing can break your good mood.

{nine} I am horrible at sticking to our budget. I get so involved with buying clothes for Charlee I forget that I only have a certain amount of money to have fun with every month. I go crazy then end up not being able to do some of the things that I want to do. Oh well at least Charlee is dressed super cute! Damn you Matilda Jane and Smocked Dresses!

{ten} I would like to have another baby one day but don't know if I can put myself through the ups and downs of infertility again. It was month after month of upsets and crying. I am not sure that I could ever do that to myself again.

Baby Items | Can Live Without and Can't Live Without

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Since I have successfully kept a baby alive for 6ish months(go me) I wanted to take the time to share the items the items that we purchased that we couldn't live without and of course the items that we could have said bye Felicia too. I hope this post helps the new and expecting moms out there. 

Things we couldn't live without

Sweet Jesus pay the money and get this grace of god. It is amazing!! Spend the extra money and get the one that Auto rocks too! It puts your sweet baby that never sleeps to sleep so fast and amazingly. She slept in this until she was eight weeks old and we moved her to her crib. Then she would nap in it.... Seriously go buy this now! We finally kicked our to the curb last week because I found my child standing in it....

Charlee loves these pacifiers. She likes to hold the animals on the end. And from what I can tell she really likes to sleep with these since she can grab them from a pretty far distance. She can hold them and pop them in her mouth in a hot second. 

This is one of our favorite purchases that we use on a daily basis. She loves kicking and pulling at the toys. Since she sits up now we have been turning the piano and letting her sit on the mat and play with the piano. She likes the different options that she has with this mat. 


Both of these were life savers. The navy one we will still at least once a week and still love it. She goes straight to sleep when we put her in these. We used the wrap until she was about four months old then we switched to the carrier to give her a little bit more room. Plus she likes to see everything. 

This really was a great purchase. We got it when she was about seven weeks old and I ended up returning thinking that I did not need it. Then a few later I realized why did I do that and repurchased it. I am so glad that I did repurchase it and it saves you during night time feedings. It literally takes 20 seconds to make a bottle and comes out at the perfect temp for Charlee. She was kinda a diva wanted her bottles warm because of breastfeeding. 

This is by far the easiest playard that you will ever set up in your whole life. It is quick and easy. Gosh I just loving setting it up! 

Things that we should have said Bye Felicia too.

mamaroo and rockaroo

We totally should have saved the money on this and purchased a regular swing and bouncy seat. I think should would have liked those better than the mamaroo and rockaroo. Lesson learned expensive hype doesn't mean it is the best! I love there playard but that's about all from there line that I like. 

Breastfeeding Supplies
Listen Breastfeeding works for some and others it just doesn't. I live by the motto feed is best. It doesn't matter how and honestly it isn't anyone's business how you feed your baby as long as they are eating. I purchased all this stuff because I was gonna breastfeed and ended up having to give it away. I would say get the free pump that your insurance offers and maybe a few cold breast pads. Other than that wait!!! I spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that I couldn't even use!

Snuza Hero
This did not work for us. Charlee moved around a lot and it would never stay on her diaper. So it would go off in the middle of the night and scare the life out of you when you hear it going off at 2am. Just get a normal monitor!

Everyone has different things that work for them that don't work for others. I wish I would have read something like this when I was registering. Coming soon is a list of stuff that I would register for instead..... Maybe one day for baby #2.

Friday Favs

Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Friday. Personally I think that every week should be a three day work week. I got so much done when I came back to work after a nice long weekend. Since it is time for another weekend to roll around here are some of my Friday favs. 

one. Ya'll Monday my baby will be six months old. That's a whole half way to one! When did this happen. She was just born like yesterday. I promise to get a new update up and some of our favorite that we have been loving these last few months. 

two. I saw this one day during the week and had to save it. It is so true in so many ways. I always try to do these things but somehow I fail but maybe this list will help me stop and remember to do these daily. 

three. We have a ball that we are going to in September and well I hate dress shopping so I bit the bullet and did rent the runway. Gosh I am hoping that it works out but we shall see. Let me know if you have used this before and it was everything that you dreamed of. 

four. J has to work all weekend so it will just be me and CharBear. I am hoping to get a bow holder made for her room and get the house cleaned for my Matilda Jane party next weekend. 

five. We are going to a food truck event tonight and I honestly could not be more excited.

July Fourth

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Man I am riding the struggle bus to keep up with everything that happened on this long four day weekend.  a little recap for ya of our weekend and fourth of July holiday festivities.. the whole weekend was filled with activities and we partied all night long including Charlee who wanted to wake up every hour on the hour . Thanks boo!

We kicked the weekend off Saturday morning at my in laws. We woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee. Yes please! After breakfast we headed out to a arts and craft show where we spent way to much money but this cutie was the star of the show. She snacked on her toes in the stroller which made it even more adorable. 

We came home and the little one napped while the rest of the family enjoyed some time in the pool. Then off to get ready for pig roast. Of course we did a outfit change and the adorable baby was the star of the show yet again. 

After waking up every hour on the hour Charlee was ready to nap all day Sunday. We continued the party on Tuesday where she was sure to let everyone know that she is the star of every party. Parents who... People walk into to where is Charlee.... Give her to me.... Well then


How was your 4th of July?

Coffee Talk

Thursday, June 29, 2017

If we were having coffee I would tell you.

- Charlee has slept thru the night for a week in a row now. Can I tell you how refreshing it feels to sleep a solid eight hours. I use eight hours loosely as I wake up a few time to look at the monitor and make sure she is okay. 

- I need some motivation for some healthy meals and getting back into the gym. I need to eat healthier to get some of this infertility and baby weight off. Chicken and veggies just aren't cutting it anymore. I love working out when I have time to do it but finding the time is the hard part. We gave up our gym membership when we moved and I started looking into gyms with child care but that just makes me nervous. 

- Since having a child I have realized that you don't buy anything for yourself anymore. All of your money goes to Matilda Jane and Carters! I started packing up her 3 month clothes and it is just sad. My baby is growing up way to fast. I promised myself that every month I will start buying me one piece of clothing. I need some basic work pieces that I can mix and match. 

- I am that crazy mom already planning her almost six month old's First birthday. I am so excited to see what I have planned to come to life. Gosh!!!

Now tell me what is new with you!

Four Month Favorties | Charlee

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Four Months have flown by and although we have been through a few bumps in the road our life is forever changed for the better. Charlee is the best baby ever and changing developmental everyday. Now that we are about a week away from five months I am gonna share a few of our favorite things right now. 

Fisher-Price Kick 'n Play Piano Gym: This gym seriously is one of her favorite things for the past few months. She just loves to be on the floor playing and moving around lately. Home girl puts her arms up and gets those feet under her but she can't fully get the crawling thing down. Thank god we still have some baby proofing to do. 

Graco 4Ever All in One Carseat: We are in the process of changing Charlee over to this car seat. She hates her newborn car seat because of how far back she sits. She likes to sit up and be able to see out the window and move around a little. I read a few articles about how newborn car seats can also make babies made because it increases there reflux. Something about how they sit in it can make it worse. 

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Highchair: Charlee is now eating cereal and pureed fruit and veggies. I love how secure she is in this highchair. Every time I put her in this highchair I feel like she is safe and it is so eat to clean up so far.  It grows with her like the carseat too. That is awesome when you don't want to buy multiple different things. We just thought it would be smarter to buy one things than multiples. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro: This has honestly been a life saver during the middle of the night feedings. I can wake up in my half asleep stumble to the kitchen hit the button and bam the bottle is ready. 

Evenflo ExerSaucer: We got this for Charlee on her First Easter and guys home girl loves this so much. She will sit and play with her Mickey on for a long time. Which is awesome for me to get dinner done or clothes washed. I love this thing!!

I can't believe that we are knocking on Five months doors.....

Friday Favs

Friday, May 26, 2017

Yay It is finally Friday and a three day weekend is among us!! Here are my favorites for Memorial Day Weekend!



Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday Confessions

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Thursday Everyone! I know that I was MIA this week.. Sorry! It has been so super busy lately. I am glad that I finally have time to breath and can catch you guys up on what has been going on lately. 

* My dad had a hip replacement yesterday and he is doing fantastic. I am so glad that he is doing well and already out of bed moving around. Now to get him to take it easy is another story. 
* I am so glad that it is a three day weekend this week and next week. #lovemystatejob

* I am addicted to Matilda Jane clothes for my child. They had a 50-70% off sale this week and I may have ordered 13 outfits... (insert emoji covering eyes) I can't help it the clothes are adorable and you could beat those prices. FYI I need some work clothes but I am to bust buying clothes for my child that I don't have the effort to look for me clothes.

* I am trying to decide if I want to cut my hair off or not... what do you guys think? I love when my hair is a shorter stack but that hair style went out like 5 years ago....

* I am in love with Southern Charm but still am not sure if I like the new one? I mean can you really replace Charleston?!?

* I had to cancel my girly doctor's appointment this week due to a scheduling conflict but I may have done the happy dance. Listen I love love my doctor but something about that appointment makes me have the bubbleguts.... I act like she didn't try to pull a baby out of it four months ago but still....

Anyway see you tomorrow for my Friday Favs.

Thursdays Confessions

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Friday Eve. I am so ready for the weekend. I am apart of a ladies ball group and this weekend is our spring party. Which means Charlee is going to grandma's for the night and mama is planning to be in bed at 8pm and sleep until 9am. Now if that actually happens who knows but it sounds like a good plan. Here are my weekly confessions.....

* My child slept from 9:30p to 5:45a this morning. Can I get a amen! I woke up a few times to make sure that she was still breathing but she did much better now that she can roll belly to back and back to belly she is able to move and get comfortable.

* I want another tattoo so bad it's killing me. I have no idea what I want  but I can just tell you that I want another one.

* Work is getting so crazy right now and I kinda wish that it would just chill. One of the older paralegals will be retiring soon so I know that I won't be able to relax but a girl can dream.

* My husband spent 300 dollars on a cooler this week (insert eye  roll) 300 on a cooler. That is ridiculous.

* I went to Target to get a bathing suit and almost threw up when I saw my postpartum body in the mirror. Not summer ready at all.

* I decided to back off on feeding Charlee solids. I feel like we just need her to get more calories and formula gives her more than solids do....

* I am addicted to Southern Charm tv show on Bravo and I am not quite sure why.... I think it makes me feel good about my life and how together I think that I have it.

Have a great Thursday!

Dear Baby on my First Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dearest Charlee,

There’s so many feelings to be felt, all beautiful feelings. This day is different than any other days celebrating me: it’s celebrating you AND me. It’s celebrating the fact that I am your mama and you are my baby. That is something no one can ever take away from us. One day I won't be here but I will forever be your mama. It’s celebrating the best thing I’ve ever been called:  a mama.

Last year on Mother’s Day, you were still in my belly. We had just found out that we were pregnant. While we celebrated that day, this day this year is different. While I held you in my belly last year, this year, I held you in my arms. I’ve never held anything better. Nothing is ever made me as happy as seeing your sweet gummy smiles and belly laughs.

On this day, I  definitely shed some tears, shared a few laughs, and smiled the biggest of smiles. On this day, all of those tears, laughs, and smiles will be shared with you. My baby, my sweet precious little girl.

This day is supposed to be a day to celebrate me, but I know that it is a day that I will celebrate you, a day that I will be celebrating the greatest blessing: being your mama.

I will hold you close to me, and kiss your sweet face. Because, my love, you are the reason for today and every other day. I watch the clock while at work waiting for 5 to be able to see your face and find out how your day went. 

And I couldn’t be happier.

I love you, my sweet baby.

love, mama.

Friday Favs

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Friday. I am so ready for the weekend you guys have no idea. The stomach virus hit our house over the weekend and slowly passed through all three of us. It was completely miserable and I am glad that we are on the up and up. 


My First Mother's Day. Last year we announced to family that I was pregnant on Mother's Day weekend but it wasn't real like it is now. Our sweet girl is here and I feel like I celebrate being her mommy. To me mother's day is more about celebrating her than it is me. That may be the infertility and how long it took us to conceive her talking but I am more thankful that I can be called a mother than I am worried about celebrating what I do everyday. 


I had a skin biopsy done a few weeks ago and I can finally announce that I am cancer free. I was super nervous since my mother and her mother have both had skin cancer. They both had to have it removed. I am hoping that I can stay cancer free.


My child slept EIGHT whole hours last night. Can we say thank you jesus!!! Maybe there is a light at the end of the sleepless night tunnel!!

Speaking of Charlee girlfriend has her four month shots today with her new ped and I am a nervous wreck. I am excited about the new doctor but hate that we have to meet her on a shots day.

This smoothie recipe is now my favorite go toooo. So yum!
Have a great weekend.

Friday Favs

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Friday. I am so glad that another week has passed and a new weekend is ahead. 


Happy Cinco De Mayo... We will celebrating at a local restaurant. They have a party in the parking lot with food and drink specials. It is a lot of fun and we won't be far from home so we can still get home in time for bath and bed time. 


Yall I need this bathing suit in my life like right now!! How adorable is it. 

Hello Brown hair. I am so glad to have my brown hair back and have no grey.... Guys I have no idea what happen but I went from a few grey hair hairs to holy hell. 

Four. Speaking of hair I am going to get mine cut today. I am thinking about getting it cut shoulder length to be able to keep up with it more. I wanted to grow it out for the ball in September but the more I thought about it that is just one day this is everyday.

Yes please!! This recipe!

Thursday Confessions

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here are my weekly confessions and though.....

* I went a little over board this week for Teacher's Appreciation Week since they take care of my sweet CharBear everyday. Plus if a mom buys them goodies they may love on that child more.... Or at least that is what I would do...#fatkid

* I am dying my hair tonight because my grey is out of control. Hello brown hair! I am also getting it cute tomorrow and I have no idea what I want to do with it. It needs to be more manageable but I don't know how to do that without getting it cut shorter. 

* I felt like a my child hated me this morning. She cried the whole way to daycare and I handed her to her teacher and nothing but smiles. #wtfkid

* We are going to a crawfish boil this weekend and I am so pumped. Not because the crawfish but because I bought the cutest smocked outfit with a crawfish on it for Charlee to wear. I swear my kid dresses better than I do. Speaking of I need second job to support my Matilda Jane wants. I thought about selling it but the start up so expensive.

* I had a skin cancer check this morning and they did a biopsy on a spot so now I am kinda freckin out. 

* I am so stressed about finding a balance with my job, the baby, my life, and my husband. Things already get rocky when you bring a baby home but life takes over and you get so busy and TIRED! If anyone had tips please tell me!

* Love bug will be four months next week and that makes me sad and glad all at the same time. I can't wait to be able to give her cereal and reach all the new milestones but she is a baby still.

* I am obsessed with James Arthur's music. That's it. 

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