30 Before 30

1. Pay off my  car
2. Buy our perfect forever home.
3. Visit more cities in the U.S. like New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., Charleston, Nashville, and more.
4. Go on a girls trip.
5. Get a great job with my current degree.
6. Get my master's degree.
7. Sew myself something to wear. I really want to make a cute maxi.
8. Take a cooking class.
9. Go to a marriage conference. J and I love each other very much but all couples have things that they have to work on. I think this would give us a lot of motivation and positive.
10. Pay off a good portion of my student loans.
11. See more plays at ASF. We are planning to go to Cinderella.
12. Stop drinking soda.
13. Make a healthy diet plan for at least one full month and stick to it. No Fast Food.
14. Get back in the gym and get that old body back.
15. Have a skin cancer check.
16. Start a dinner club where each couple host a dinner once a month.
17. Run a half or full marathon.
18. Get a new Tattoo.
19. Go to Las Vegas for my Dirty Thirty.
20. Build on my new relationship with Christ.
21. Do a couples small group.
22. Do a women's small group.
23. Go through the Growth Track at my church and become a member.
24. Start a family tradition
25. Go on at least one date each month with J.
26. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.
27. Treat myself to a whole day at the spa.
28. Surprise J with something he isn't expecting,
29. Go to more concerts.
30. Most important..... Become a MOM.

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