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I'm Kayla, and I am a twenty-something Southern lady raised in Montgomery, Alabama. I am a wife to Jeremy, and mama to two fur babies: McKenzie and Harley. I am a paralegal by day and reality TV junkie by night.  I meet my husband in the hospital where we both worked and we are currently on the path to try and become parents. We hit some major bumps in the road but we are slowly making our way over them.

I am a self-proclaimed addict of all things happy and want to see the best in everyone. I love to bake, craft,  try out new restaurants, plan parties, entertain, and travel. I love adventure, rarely ever think before I speak, and love making new friends. I am on the path to finding out what I want to do with my life. I love any body of water and dream about the mountains at night.

Waiting for Three is my way to journal the adventures that my hubby and I make. Our infertility road hasn't always been easy but we are making the best of the cards that we were dealt. I am incredibly gratefully for the life that we live and can not wait to see what the future holds for us.

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  1. That picture of y'all is stunning! I am from Alabama too...Birmingham!
    *New follower


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